The Distribution kits

Wednesday, December 9. 2015

Today we have bought material to support 20 families as a pilot project to understand the dynamics of distribution and the mindset of beneficiaries. we have also had about 10 beneficiaries fill out a form giving details of their family, how they were affected, their needs etc. The cost of supplies comes to around Rs 5000/- We tried hard to follow the leads being circulated on whatsapp and on facebook but found very poor response or the telephone numbers given were wrong. Some did answer but said their current stock is exhausted and we will have to wait for a couple of days. But we are all set to start the relationship building process tomorrow.

We have to sort out the items and configure the items into a kit based on the info given by them. We will also orient them about sickness and preventive measures they should take and tell them that we want them to be in touch with one of us and we will give them further assistance as and when required but for that we also need to see the efforts they put in rehabilitating their own lives.We will also tell them that if we see them drunk, then our relationship will be severed. We want to see their children go to school and for them to resume going to work or do whatever business they were doing earlier.

– Dr. L.N.Rajaram


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