Palavakkam Visit

Friday, December 11, 2015

This time it was to Pallavalkam. For most of us Pallavalkam conjures up villas and flats next to ECR and towards the sea front. But Shashwathi and I were right next to the Buckingham Canal which is now just a stinking sewer. We took a route to Selvi’s parents house, through LB Road, past the bridge that takes you to OMR and straight ahead. Selvi told us to keep going straight. It was a narrow one lane road and I had to struggle into a siding when a truck came head on.After a long bumpy ride we came to Selvis parents house, right on the banks of that sewer. They narrated how the water climbed up the sewer and into their rooms silently at the middle of the night. They all ran to the high ground of an Ashram close by. They waited for 3 days for the water to recede, but when it did and they came back home they were confronted by the muck of the sewer which had been deposited all over their house. When we went in they were still cleaning. The stench was very strong. Selvis mother kept staring at Shashwathi and she could not help her self when she burst out asking her, ‘Did you study in Shankara school?’. As Shashwathi was nodding, they moved close to each and and were suddenly caught up in each others embrace. The lady was an attendant in that school when Shashwathi was in KG class and she remembered her and her mother. Straight out of a movie.

– Dr. L.N.Rajaram

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