Cattle Fodder Enterprise

cattle fodderThree members of the Ezhuchi Pengal Federation from Chinnamanur came forward to set up a cattle fodder enterprise with a vision that it would not only provide them livelihood but it would also help their fellow members with cost effective supply of fodder. Lokalex was interested when the women approached for funds and asked them to conduct a needs assessment survey. They conducted the study among 50 members of their group and shared that cattle owners buy the fodder from the local vendors on credit. Situations force them to sell their milk at low prices or pay heavy interest. Cattle owners shared that they were looking forward to buy from them if they provide the cattle fodder in good quality and low interest rate on a regular basis. They also shared that they were willing to pay minimum extra charges if the fodder could be delivered at their homes.

Lokalex asked them to prepare a business plan. They prepared a viable business plan and requested Lokalex to fund them Rs.2,28,000/. Lokalex has expressed its interest to provide financial support. They have started the ground work of identifying a suitable place to set up the cattle fodder enterprise, identifying wholesale distributors for supply of items such as corn, maize, ragi, and husk. The raw materials will be bought in bulk, and then ground and mixed in proportion and packaged and sold to their members. This project is likely to begin in May 2012 with an initial capital of Rs.2,68,000. It will provide livelihood for 3 to 5 people in the beginning and help about 100-200 families to save significant sums of money instead of paying as interest.

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