The Bhavangels Volunteer group was formed on December 9th 2015, by The Local Community Exchange Empowerment Trust (Lokalex). The group focused on providing immediate and sustained relief to the Chennai Flood affected people from Dec 2nd onwards. We at Lokalex moved on to the rehabilitation phase as the waters slowly receded and the affected people started to put their lives together. We designed a kit of essentials with a budget of Rs.5000/- for each kit, targeting 100 families. Funds for these kits were raised through mailers to our friends and relatives.


The response from those whom we had contacted and their friends was overwhelming and we managed to distribute 120 kits to families who were affected. The kit consisted of items to help people in their cooking activities in the kitchen, utensils, plates, serving spoons, provisions for 15 days etc., sleeping related items such as mats, bedsheets, blankets, pillows, etc.


Hygiene and cleanliness related such as dettol, soaps, brushes, brooms, buckets, mugs, drinking water pots, children related items such as notebooks, school bags, lunch boxes, lunch bags, footwear, etc. These were essential items that any family would need if they have to reboot their lives from scratch. These families were targeted to receive after ascertaining their genuineness. We visited these localities to check the extent of havoc and whether other organizations have come forward to help.


We were lead to other people in that communities by our original beneficiaries. We worked through them to collect data about others in that community. Thus we had groups of atleast 15 beneficiaries in about 6 different communities.

As an extension of rehabilitation efforts, Lokalex is undertaking various activities in these areas to help restore their livelihoods.

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