Achieving Gram Swaraj

The strategy of Lokalex is to leverage on the positive aspects of Globalization of making the world smaller and the people across the world more connected to improve the living conditions in local communities. We set up mechanisms, that include technology, process, communications and personnel to channelise and streamline goodwill, expertise, experience and inclusiveness of the global community members to motivate, support, educate, inspire and provide leadership to the members of the local community to build a sustainable local economy.

Teach Engage Mentor Donate

One of the thrust areas of Lokalex in its quest for building self sustained village republics is the nurture of children who are going to be the future community leaders in that society. Lokalex is involved in adoption of schools and setting up “Chetan Study Centers” where children interact with people from different parts of the world over Skype. In tune with its philosophy of self sustainability of all 'local' entrepreneurial ventures, the adopted schools and the study centers in the community are set-up to be self sustaining.

English and Math through Coloured Magical Rods

Mathematics and Language cannot be learned by memorizing which is why children have difficulty. Lokalex has adopted Dr. Caleb Gattegno's way of teaching Math and English using coloured rods of different sizes, where children learn by doing.