Relief and Rehabilitation

Lokalex’s Relief and Rehabilitation efforts began in December 2015 with immediate relief and rescue operations towards Chennai Flood victims.

A meeting with friends and neighbours was held to plan and regroup for rehabilitation activities. The group was called ‘Bhavangels’ – Be an Angel. The objective is to build a relationship, handhold our unfortunate friends to get back and stabilize themselves also to reach out to those who have really lost everything, even their shirt on their back literally. We also want to involve them to help others we are helping.


Then came the discussion of their immediate needs. From a health and hygiene point of view, from bare necessities in the kitchen and mats and sheets to sleep, and to get the children up and going to school and the old folks to be comfortable at home. We have drew up a list and budgeted an average amount per family. We targeted to help 100 families in South Chennai. Our friends and volunteers contributed close to Rs.10,00,000 for our efforts and so we were able to help close to 120 families.

As part of our rehabilitation efforts we have been working with the Adambakkam Community to help build their livelihoods by forming thrift groups for women. We also conduct activities for children to help them in their academics and build their overall personality.

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