Lokalex was set up with an objective to facilitate empowerment of the members of local and marginalized rural communities, to improve their quality of life by exchanging produce within themselves.

For example within a village there are milk producers, paddy growers, vegetable growers, construction laborers, who are compelled to sell their goods or services at prices much lower than market prices and at a loss many times; and again when they require such goods or services they are forced to buy at much higher prices from the supply channels. Construction laborers and other low skilled workers migrate to city for work but villagers pay city contractors heavily to build their houses and to get utilities like carpentry, plumbing, whitewash, sanitation, electric repairs etc.

In order to reverse this cycle, Lokalex works with people from different villages, to provide awareness about better ways of exchanging produce and services and empower them about the availability of such rich resources within their villages, facilitating exchange of such services within their communities.


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