Spirulina Cultivation

Ezhuchi Pengal Federation, in Chinnamanur with about 900 groups and 15000 members mostly belonging to the Marginalised Arundhathiyar Community are not only financially backward but are also malnourished. Out of our research to improve the immunity of these people, we learned about production of a nutritional supplement called Spirulina. Spirulina is a form of sea algae which has high protein and medicinal value. It was found to be grown in water and bright sun shine with very low operational cost (in controlled conditions). Some of the members of this group have been trained in Spirulina cultivation and the land where Spirulina can be cultivated had been identified. Lokalex financially supported this group with Rs. 1,85,000 for digging bore well and for pumping water out of the well and for constructing infrastructure for storage and supply of water. Lokalex paid frequent visit and provided technical inputs and managerial inputs in the functioning of the project. This benefits about 1000 people of the Arundhatiyar community as they buy and consume this nutritious food supplement. It will also provide livelihood to 10 members who will be in charge to run the plant, supply and sell Spirulina, etc.


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