You are invited to a Discussion on Ethical Healthcare – November 12, 2016

AAA Discussion Series

Accessible, Affordable, Assured Healthcare

Citzens Doctors Forum for Ethical Healthcare

Enriching Patient Experience

You are invited to participate in an interactive meeting with a Panel of Ethical Doctors


ICSR Auditorium, IIT Madras, Guindy, Chennai

at 2.30 pm on Saturday, 12th November 2016

Keynote Address by Dr. Arun Gadre

“ Everyone has complaints about unnecessary investigations, expensive, often avoidable medication, and sometimes, even botched up operations. But few outside the medical profession can know the extent to which the system has been distorted.” extract from Dr.Gadre’s & Dr.Shukla’s book, ‘Dissenting Diagnosis’.

Hosted by Carnatic Foundation and

Local Community Exchange Empowerment Trust

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