The Adyar Visit

Friday, December 11, 2015

Today I met a tailor in Maligaiputhottam. He was looking at the parts of his sewing machine which he had dismantled and kept for drying. His expression said it all. He had lost not just his possessions in the flood but his livelihood. He said he had two machines and both were under 6 feet water for 3 days. He had dismantled the machines so that they will dry faster but he had no hope that they will start working after that. I was ashamed to feel a sense of achievement .. aha I had found my beneficiary who requires my largess. His shoulders were drooping, his eyes had a far away look. What was he thinking? I asked him. His eyes shifted from infinity to close at hand to his wife and grown up daughter. He then looked at me and said, ‘everything is lost’.

Someone else had lost an Auto rickshaw. Children had lost their notebooks. They were worried how will they fill the new notebooks with the content they had created in the last 4 or 5 months.

I climbed up the bund which separated the settlement from Adyar river. There lay the Adyar in front of me looking very subdues after its spent fury. A few old men who were assembled there told me that the bund save them that day, else they would have been washed away. The bridge that stood so disdainfully above the water today was a foot away from being submerged. The Adyar had vomited the plastic it had been forced to swallow all along its banks. Who will clean this mess. Who will give back the tailor his livelihood. Who will write back the pearls of wisdom which the children had written in their notebooks? Certainly not this Government, nor the politicians, nor the real estate sharks who by their acts of omission and commission were responsible for this.

Dr. L.N.Rajaram

adyar visit

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