Bhavangels Phase II

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today is a special day for Bhavangels. It is the birthday of a very special person in whose memory this volunteer group got its name. Also this day, having helped 95 families to get rehabilitated and some more in the pipeline, we are moving on to the next phase. We have identified two major thrust areas in this phase — Livelihood restoration and XII Class Board Exam Coaching for Economically, Socially and Academically Backward (ESAB) children, particularly those from the flood ravaged areas.

Livelihood Restoration

Lokalex/Bhavangels has got a list of persons who have approached us for ‘loans’. We plan to set-up a fund so that if the average loan for an entrepreneur is around Rs.4000/-, around 50 families can be supported. Effort will be made to form groups of needy persons within a locality who will determine collectively the priority of the beneficiary in terms of need, amount, repayment capability, installments, etc. and rotate the loan when repaid. This will be done in 3 or 4 localities with average group size of 7 to 10 families.

Helping Economically, Socially and Academically Backward (ESAB) students

The XII class Board exams have now been rescheduled to take place in May 2016. The children of families who live in the flood ravaged localities are likely fare badly in the exams due to the enormous disruption in their lives and due to their parents struggling with other priorities in life. They have to be helped to pass the exam to provide the families the required confidence and and to stop possible criminalization of dropouts and failures.

The project envisages creating simple lessons involving easy topics that would suffice to get 50% marks. A set of videos of well designed set of selected topics of various subjects taught by experienced teachers will be put up on You tube and local classes in flood affected areas will be organized for students to attend, study, practice, write mock exams, provided feedback and progress monitored. This will be done with the help of social activists active in the area and local community leaders and do-gooders.

Help from anyone in any form is most welcome. If you like to participate in any of the above projects we would be grateful for the help. If you know of teachers, tutors willing to get involved in designing and delivering lectures and exercises, please introduce us to them. If you have any old sewing machines, tools, or if you are well versed in cutting and willing to train people in sewing or any other skills with which they can earn a livelihood, it would be helpful. If you want to employ anyone for any domestic or office work , that again will be helpful. Just let us know if you are willing and we will see how you can make a difference to at least one person’s life.

Wishing you a great time as the year 2015 becomes past and for a wonderful, memorable, fulfilling 2016 ahead.

– Dr. L.N. Rajaram


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